Mohawks’s Update

The Mohawks are off on tour next month with a competition in Fife next weekend and then another competition at Kingston at the end of the month. The Kids have had a tough season but now its time for them to enjoy the tournaments and for their parents to sit back, have a drink, and look back at the development of the team over the past season.

April 28, 2011

Mohawks Vs. Bradford

Today we are present at ‘The Bay’ to see the Mohawks take on the Bradford Lapdogs.  The Mohawks had a slightly shaky start to the season when they allowed  the Lapdogs to steal victory in a 6-5 nail biter.  You can rest assured that they were not about to let that happen again.

October 8, 2010

Bradford Vs. Mohawks

This was the Mohawks first game of the season and the team were fired up and ready to go Period 1 This period started as we had hoped with #8 Josh Purvis finding the back of the Bradford net at 3’04”. Play continued for the rest of the period with only the one goal and it looked as though the Mohawks had the best of the play. Period score WB…

September 25, 2010