Club Chair’s Opening Statement February 2013

ChairIt is with great delight that at the last committee meeting my application to become Chairman of the club was accepted, so I figured that my first move would be to write an opening statement of my intentions as chairman.

Firstly I would like to thank my predecessor Peter Head and his vice chair Gillian Johnson who from my point of view being parent rep worked tirelessly to forward the club through various fund raising ideas and sponsorship creating much needed funds

Most people know me as my son has been involved in ice hockey for about six years,  five of these  as a netminder, starting with the under 12’s to the present day as an under 16.

My introduction to Ice hockey, which came rather late in life,  was in fact like a lot of people firstly  through spectating of which I was a fan of the now gone Vipers and now a Whitley Warriors fan. However I watch as many junior games as possible because at times they can be just as exciting if not more so.

I have over 25 years  experience of working with young people through my various roles within the UK Scout Association. This has given me great experience in a number of areas from organising events, managing behaviour and maintaining a happy atmosphere.

My aims from the position I am in is to oversee and serve the processes required to help run the club as smoothly as possible, I believe that with the committee we have in place, at the present time, Mick Mishner –Head Coach, Mel Lydall- Secretary,  Judi Shell –Treasurer, and of course our new vice chair Mansell  Wetherell, we have a variety of experiences to draw upon to take the club forward.

I also hope to provide more open lines of communication within the club, improving communication across the board, and maintaining our current sponsors whilst hopefully finding new ones.

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