The new season is here…

Hi Everyone, sorry its been a while, lots has happened at WBIHCJD since the end of last season, the club had a mixed sort of up and down season last year and I reckon this season will be no different.

After the resignation of our head coach Mick Mishner we lost a very good head coach who did a lot for us all, a thank you must be said on our behalf. Sad to see changes ,sad to loose a head coach but as always at Whitley we don’t do things by half and instead of one head coach we now have two in Carl Nelson and Gary Wood.

 Its no secret that we have also lost a few players to other clubs, again a thank you goes out to these players for everything they put into the club in previous seasons, we have as well gained players from other clubs, and yes another thank you must go to them for entrusting us for this coming season.

A massive thank you must go to all the players and parents who have stayed loyal, I cannot make promises of a smooth ride through this forthcoming season but as part of the committee I know that we will be doing our best.

 Apologies must go out as to a very late AGM but as you can imagine its been a very busy off season and there are only so many hours in a day.

 Fundraising is yet going to be a key issue for us, every little helps should be our motto, if anyone has any ideas to help the club in any way financially then please get in touch, we have some great sponsors on board but theres always room for more.

So heres to a great season, keep your eyes on the fixtures, at any home game the bigger the crowd the better the atmosphere, it also gives the wee players an idea on how the older players get on, the teams really need as much support as possible, even if its not your age group, you are more than welcome to call in.


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