Registration Evening – All you need to know

For those parents and players who were unable to attend last weeks registration meeting, I thought I would take the chance to give you a brief outline of what was discussed. (Not the full 2 and a 1/2 hours)

Finance was the main subject, as when I joined the committee a rather outstanding debt had arisen following the termination of the contracts with Wrights bus company.

I first of all personally thanked the committee (Gillian Mel Judi Mick Jonathan and parent reps) for all there hard work and efforts over the last 8 months and reiterated that without them I had no doubt the club may well have folded, and was looking forward with great optimism to next season.

On the subject of finance, I announced that we have had all books up to the start of the 2011/12 season audited by an independent accountant, which unfortunately showed that the club has been ‘bleeding money’ and has been very badly run for a number of years, a large deficit was discovered from 2009/ 2010 but at this time we are unsure if we will be able to discover where the money went .A copy of the figures was available on the night should anyone require a copy please ask your team rep to contact the committee.

Moving into the current year the books will be audited in the next couple of months but we are in no way concerned that any problems will arise as the treasurer Judi Shell has been very meticulous and the accounts we as a committee see and discuss monthly are without doubt some of the best I have seen.

Although we still owe money to Wrights, this debt will be clear by February next year.

With regards to buses, we have received tenders from several companies for next season, and although diesel costs have risen the prices are pretty good, our Vice chair Gillian and a parent rep will be visiting the companies to check the quality of buses on offer.

With these costs in mind next seasons subs will need to increase to £58.00 per month, but as was shown on the night our costs are still far cheaper than other teams, should however we end next season with a large profit, we will look at either a payment holiday or possibly end of season tournaments being partly paid for.

 I was also glad to say we have received a grant this year, which will go to help Mick Mishner with much needed on and off ice equipment, coaches courses and hopefully increase our learn to play group, as new recruits are needed to swell our ranks!

Although fund raising was very poor last season, we have the opportunity to obtain money via Asda at Benton which will involve shirt sponsorship, in the form of bag packing at very busy times, all players will be expected to participate in fund raising next season and this will be written into the club constitution.

Mick Mishner also gave a presentation on last season and his outlines for next season including a change of format for the Under 10s, he will update his coaches blog with the main points, but again I praised Mick and the coaches for an excellent on ice season.

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