Arrows Vs. Nottingham

This was our first match of the season and with all the rumours suggesting we were to be soundly thrashed by the Kittens the tension was high in the Arrows camp. This season’s squad are a fairly inexperienced but the resolve to keep trying till the end shone through.

Period 1
Play started with it’s usual fast and furious nature, both teams testing each other to find the weakest link. Neither side had the run of the game but both gave as good as they got until 2’07”” when a kitten scored their first of the game.  The fledgling Whitley held them at Bay until 6’24” and the expectant fans all sighed as the rout that was expected started to unfold.  The kittens then put snother five goals in the net before the end of the period.  The Arrows did have a couple of runs on the Nottingham goal but to no avail.  At this point the fans were starting to feel a bit upbeat as they had expected a far worse first period score.

Period score 0 – 7 to the kittens.

Period 2
The period started with equally fast pace and both sides fought valiantly to both attack and defend, This was short lived with the kittens scoring at 15’31” and 17’52”.  A controversial decision was made by the ref when #14 Anthony Wetherell scored a goal but it was disallowed even though the puck was over the line and the goal judge said it was in. The Arrows fought hard to stem the flow of goals.  Arrows #14 Anthony Wetherell was tripped on a run on goal and got a penalty awarded. Unfortunately he didn’t find the net, and the kittens quickly responded with another goal at 20’33” To everyone’s astonishment that was the last goal of the period and this left the arrows fans jumping in the stands.

Period score 0 –3 to the kittens

Period 3
Unhappy about only scoring 3 in the previous period, The kittens came out with all guns blazing, scoring after just 31”, Then Blam!! #14 Anthony ‘The Wrecking Ball’ Wetherell demolished their defence, scored his first goal this season and the stands went ballistic.  During all the periods the pressure was firmly on the unshakeable #38 Callum Reynolds who saved shot after shot almost like a machine. The Kittens scored a further five goals before #14 Anthony Wetherell slotted a second past the keeper.  Sadly the Kittens scored one more at 44’14”  to end the game.

Period score 2 – 7 to the kittens

Final score Arrows 2   Kittens 17

Spirit of the game #38 Callum Reynolds

I would like to thank all the fans for their support today.  The team all played admirably and made the club, coaches and manager very proud. An excellent game.

Report by ‘The Scoop’

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