Mohawks Vs. Bradford

Today we are present at ‘The Bay’ to see the Mohawks take on the Bradford Lapdogs.  The Mohawks had a slightly shaky start to the season when they allowed  the Lapdogs to steal victory in a 6-5 nail biter.  You can rest assured that they were not about to let that happen again.

Period 1.
The period was brutal and both sides fought tooth and claw to try to gain the lead.  The lead, however, was not offering itself up too easily. From where I was standing, The Mohawks didn’t play to their full ability and that was reflected in the nil nil score line at the end of the period. To be fair, it did look like the Lapdogs were playing flat out so it is reasonable to say that the Mohawks had the best of the play.

Period score  Mohawks 0 – Lapdogs 0

Period 2.
This period started where the last finished. Obviously. What I meant was that neither side could wrestle a goal from the other until 25’23” when captain #57 Callum Queenan was rewarded for his efforts with a slick goal, finally taking the Mohawks into the lead. A lead that they kept through to the end of the period. Several of our squad too shots at the Lapdog goal but to no avail.

A special thanks should go to #21 Ben Gill for working like a demon in goal and shoring up the Mohawk defence.

Period score Mohawks 1 – Lapdogs 0

Period 3.
We are not entirely sure what Mick and Mansel said in the period break but whatever it was, it worked:
32’46” #57 Callum Queenan
36’36” #57 Callum Queenan
38’45” #4 Connor Keegan
39’07” #87 Craig Johnson
40’40” #87 Craig Johnson

I would hope that that sort of explains the way the period went.  You may have noticed that the Lapdogs didn’t get a mention in the goalfest.  Yep, that’s right, a total shutout.

Period score Mohawks 5 – Lapdogs 0

Final score Mohawks 6 – Lapdogs 0

Man of the Match #21 Ben Gill.

I told you they weren’t going to let it happen again. Till next time….

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