Bradford Vs. Mohawks

This was the Mohawks first game of the season and the team were fired up and ready to go

Period 1
This period started as we had hoped with #8 Josh Purvis finding the back of the Bradford net at 3’04”. Play continued for the rest of the period with only the one goal and it looked as though the Mohawks had the best of the play.

Period score WB 1 – B 0

Period 2
This period started with a degree of pace that saw the Mohawks take more shots on the Bradford goal ending in #57 Callum Queenan beating the keeper at 20’17”.  The continued expansion of the lead was to be short lived as Bradford opened their account at 20’54” and gaining a second at 23’24”. The Mohawks rallied and #3 Josh Fisher scored their third at 27’28” only to be thwarted once again at 27’35” by the Bradford attack. Leaving the scores tied at the end of the period.

Period score WB 2 – B 3

Period 3
We were nearly a full five minutes into the period before a goal was found when #3 Josh Fisher slotted a cheeky little goal past the Bradford keeper. Unfortunately Bradford returned the favour at 39’08”  and it was quickly followed by two more at 40’35 and 40’39” as the Mohawk defence lay in tatters. The guys picked themselves up and fought back valiantly with #57 Callum Queenan scoring a blinding goal at 42’06” but time was not on our side and the game ended with the Mohawks one goal down.

Period score WB 1 – B 3

Final score Mohawks 5 – Bradford 6

Man of the Match was given to #8 Josh Purvis for playing a great game.

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