Road trip to Manchester

under16-genericWow,what a day,with the bus not leaving Whitley until 1-15pm Josh and i managed our Sunday lunch before getting onto the bus. Coopers coaches supplying another comfy coach i managed to be asleep before picking up at Carville,however as soon as we got back onto our way and a DVD on to watch a pleasant journey to Manchester was had, stopping off at Wetherby on the way down.

Manchester’s rink never changes,if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,sort of springs to mind,,as soon as the Tomahawks hit the ice it was easy to see The quality of the Whitley juniors,no disrespect to Manchester at times they had the odd shot but with goals from Joe Hall,Kyle Ross,Aron Wright,Connor Shanks, Joe Hall,kyle Ross and #12 Manchester could only get physical, Ross Douglass got smashed into the boards and Connor Shanks getting a nasty knock to his leg the outcome was inevitable with a 7 goal win. Both Whitley net minders Josh Ion and Bradley Cartright both sharing the shutout added to a great evening.

On our way back we encounter some glorious winter snow on the tops ,however the lower we got the more it turned to rain,probably just as well because it was quite late back to Whitley then onto home.

A special thanks must go to the coaches and managers and an especialy big thank you to Tom Ryder for his help on the coach with stand in manager with bus duties,

 A big thank you to all coaches and managers of other games as the under 16s game wasn’t the only game on this weekend,



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